About Us

Al-Ashtar International is operation around the globe. Come join us

Al-Ashtar International was founded in the Pakistan over ten years ago with the mission of providing a better customer experience in the freight management market .  With a highly seasoned and experienced team of Logistics and Supply Chain experts we can help our clients streamline and simplify their supply chains. Many of our team members came from some of the largest and most successful logistics companies in the world.  Our vast network has strategic partnerships including our own assets and additional asset providers all across the globe to support our customer’s needs from start to finish.  We have invested heavily in the latest transportation and warehousing technology to provide a world class experience for our clients.

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Our company

Our company operates in logistic sector and we are glad to meet your needs with our experienced, specialist stuff. Our main policy is to provide our customers with the best and fastest service at lowest costs with our large network of agencies located in 900 ports all over the world.

Our mission

Our mission is to create value to business development by providing logistic services to our stakeholders with the perception of perfectness.

HOMESTEAD AIR RESERVE BASE, Fla. (AFPN) -- Trucks began arriving here to pre-position water, military rations, ice and tarps for the post-hurricane relief effort. The trucks, which began arriving Oct. 20, have delivered supplies from Key West to northern Miami-Dade County since the storm passed. (U.S. Air Force photo by Lisa M. Macias).

To be the first

We are heading to be a solution partner of our customers for global competitiveness with our logistic services and to become the leading company of the sector.